• CL-201 Make full-automatically Portable rope - plastic hook Machinery

CL-201 Make full-automatically Portable rope - plastic hook Machinery

Model : CL-201

Packing is geting more & more important than ever, a kind of wrappings which step the times - -It is " apt to carry the rope " to appear, This had already planted innovative products In China , U.S.A. , Korea S. , Vietnam , Germany , Japan ...Wait for the country and Taiwan to obtain the patent, In Taiwan , America and Europe and Japan at present ...Wait for various countries to be used extensively.

  • Description

    Length: 31 cm (length can be ordered according to customer's demand)
    The diameter of the rope: 5mm
    Rope material: Polyester
    Both ends of the rope charter and cover materials: Acetate
    Weave and take the color: 26 kinds of reference color
    Use: The handbag is carried handful, portable cake box to carry one ......,etc.

  • Remarks

    1. Be required to offer the rope of special size or other color according to the customer.
    2. Use this product on handbag making, the baggage is hit Kong Da needs in about 4mm small, do not need with the rivet or tie artificially and fix.
    3. The rope can bear 13kg weight.
    4. products are patented products, counterfeit or duplicators must study carefully.
    5. Factories spread all over Taiwan and mainland, the mainland of Taiwan connects singly.


Leading me to develop and apply for multinational national patents portably, the counterfeit one is dealt with in accordance with the law.

We need angent of T-cord for shopping bag in U.S.A

●Weave and take the color:26 kinds of reference color